Github’s shiny new sublime clone is garnering interest rather quickly. It’s a bit bare bones in it’s standalone version, but install these packages to ramp up usability.

  • Editor Stats: Just like it sounds, view click stats and mouse movement
  • Color Picker: Color display modal for quick selection
  • Visual Bell: Visual cue for beep noise, good for those who listen to music at work
  • Project Manager: No drag and drop folder sets, Sublime-esqe project management
  • Tabs to Spaces: Easily convert all tabs to spaces / spaces to tabs in a document
  • Highlight Line: Highlight the current line you’re on
  • Asteroids: For obvious reasons
  • Autocomplete+: Auto completion for methods and properties
  • Monokai: Monokai color theme

If I missed any important ones, I’m definitely interested in expanding my list.

Make Github’s swanky new editor that much closer to Sublime with project-manager. The package adds in the ability to save, open, and list projects by name so you’re not dragging in a new project folder on load. Atom is already gaining a ton of traction as an up and coming IDE. It’s JS based construction allows for rich package integration and Github’s resources stretch deep so we can expect quick iteration here.


Time and time again I see this, it’s cringe worthy and honestly, embarrassing. A PSA should be released on how not to structure a startup job description.

[Generic Startup] is fast moving start-up based in [San Francisco] making it radically easier for organizations to develop and manage their websites. We’re fond of beer, games, technology, space exploration, bicycles and really good East Coast bagels. We value autonomy, humor and hard work balanced with solid social time together. We’re enthusiastic participants in several open-source communities, and have real relationships with many of our most active customers. Working here is awesome. We make it rain.

Come on.